A Musical
By John Copeland and Len Ballantine
Based on the original concept by Neil W. Leduke

Produced by The Salvation Army USA Eastern Territory


On the poverty-stricken East London streets of Victorian England two armies line up for battle. The Skeletons fight for the comforts of the present. The Salvationists fight for the hope of tomorrow. Caught in the middle, Charles Jeffries, a charismatic young leader of the Skeleton Army must decide what side he really is on.

This lively, two-person musical was first produced in 2019 Off-Broadway through the Salvation Army’s Theater 315. While the show itself was originally conceived by Neil Leduke, Charles Jeffries’ story of redemption is true to history. Set in Victorian England where the hard-working, working-class would frequent local pubs at a rate never-before seen in history. The Salvation Army was in its infancy; their evangelical mission took them to the streets to reach the broken and homeless with the slogan Soup, Soap and Salvation. Motivated by the love of God, early Salvationists aimed to meet the basic needs of the desperate people of Darkest England. Today, The Salvation Army is a thriving organization with efforts in social justice reaching over 130 countries.

Upcoming Shows

  • April 2023, ARC Staff Retreat, Camp Ladore, PA

*Skeleton Army plays best for audiences of 150 people or LESS, ARCs, Candidates, Officers, SA employees & volunteers.

Let’s Get This Show on The Road!

Everything you need to book, advertise and prepare for Skeleton Army at your location.

STEP 1 | Email us***********************@us*.org with your show date and location request. We will set up a call to talk details. Check out our rider here – Skeleton Army 2023 Official Rider.

STEP 2 | After confirmation from Arts Ministries, send an official request to us********************@us*.org

STEP 3 | After receiving official approval, advertise for your show. We’ve got everything you need to spread the word right here:

Skeleton Army Logo PNG | Skeleton Army Instagram Square JPG | Skeleton Army Corps Screen JPG | Skeleton Army Flyer PDF | Let’s Get Social – Pre and Post Show Screen Content

STEP 4 | Prepare for production. Here’s all the details:

Skeleton Army Official Rider | Skeleton Army Technical Script | Skeleton Army Basic Lighting Cues | Skeleton Army Playbill

Should I ask about hosting a Skeleton Army show?

1. Are you a part of the Salvation Army Eastern Territory?
2. Do you have a stage space where audience can be reached on three sides?
3. Do you have an audience who are interested in coming?

If you answered YES to these three questions, send us an email! We’d love to talk possibilities. us***********************@us*.org

Ezekiel 37:1-3 NLT

The Lord took hold of me, and I was carried away by the Spirit of the Lord to a valley filled with bones.  He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out.  Then he asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?


Just let us know! We can bring our own sound system. We will still need you to provide an audio technician for set up, sound checks, the show and tare down.

There is no fee from THQ, however we ask that you cover room & board. Additionally, Kyle Higgins is a freelance actor who requires payment. We can connect you with him to talk about that.

Depending on the show requirements we usually bring between 3-5 people, requiring only 2 rooms.

If your location is within 2.5 hour drive from West Nyack NY, we don’t need to stay over night.

We can, but we’d ask you cover that cost. Also, we’d need some help finding/building a couple props/set pieces we can’t fly with.

This is actually an ideal situation! We spend way more time packing, traveling, setting up etc. than we do performing. So, we’d love to come and do a run of 2+ shows at your location! It makes all the effort worth it!

Director’s Note | Brad Cain


Kathryn and Kyle Higgins have been married since 2010 and performing Skeleton Army together since 2018.  They’ve traveled  the world together, featuring at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, the Royal Albert Hall in London and  Off Broadway. Their daughter Elizabeth has grown into the role of stage hand, making herself quite indispensable as a member of the team.

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Tour History

  • Sun. Nov. 12, 2023, Manchester Citadel

  • Thurs. Oct. 5, 2023, Chambersburg Volunteer Appreciation, PA

  • August 26 2023, Camp Connri Family Camp, Connecticut

  • August 7 2023, TAM Conservatory, New York

  • June 2023, Congress Inspire, Toronto

  • April 13 2023, College for Officer Training, New York

Aug. 2022, Long Point Family Camp

Nov. 2021, Red Bank NJ

Aug. 2021, WPA Family Camp, Camp Alleghany

Oct. 2021, THQ Officers Retreat, Manhattan Citadel

Sept. 2021, Montclair Citadel

March 2020, SAROA, Florida

Feb. 2020, Wilkes Barre Adult Rehabilitation Center

Feb. 2020, Ocean County Citadel, NJ

Jan. 2020, Atlanta, Georgia

Dec. 2019, Glen Falls, New York

Aug. 2019, PENDEL Family Camp, Camp Ladore

Aug. 2019, Times Square Corps, Theatre 315

March 2019, Worship Arts Convocation (PREVIEW)

Feb. 2019, Candidates Seminar (PREVIEW)

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