Empowering artists to use their gifts and further the Gospel since ’99
Worship Arts Convocation
Gather as an artistic community to explore creative expressions of worship and scripture, and return home inspired to create
Yoga Faith
Christ-centered Yoga classes focusing on corporate worship, prayer and meditation on a specific scripture
Youth Councils Scripts
Resources to support the theme of this year’s Youth Councils
Jesus Theater
A creative arts presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ designed for children and youth
National Script Database
A partnership between all USA Territories, this site catalogues hundreds of free scripts
stART Fund
A fundraising initiative comprised of high-quality, faith-based merchandise

The Bureau

Kathryn, Resa, Erin

3 creative thinkers who strive to support the USA Eastern Territory with Arts Resources

Ministry/Event Calendar


  • May 2, College for Officers Training, 10am | Replay

  • June 10-12, Commissioning Weekend | MOVE

  • June, Camp Tecumseh Orientation | Replay

  • June 13-21, CAST Rehearsals

  • July 19-26, Old Orchard Beach Pier Ministry | MOVE & Replay

  • July, OOB CAST/HandsOn Debrief | Replay

  • July 30-August 6, TAM Conservatory

  • October 13-16, Candidates Seminar | MOVE


  • March 20-24, Jesus Theater Pre-Cast

  • April 21-23, MOVE Rehearsal Weekend

  • May 11-14, WPA Youth Councils | MOVE

  • May 26-28, Jesus Theater Eastern Territory Training

  • June 9-11, Commissioning Weekend | MOVE

Motivated by the Gospel, The Arts Ministries Bureau utilizes the arts to cultivate spiritual, personal and community development through programming, the production of resources and performance opportunities.