Our Lovely Ladies

Kathryn Higgins
Kathryn HigginsArts Ministries Director
  • ka*************@us*.org

  • 845-620-7258

Kathryn is a Canadian, raised in England, now living in the USA.  She has a deep love for theater in all its forms and has worked professionally as a singer, dancer and actor. Her notable credits in include Diana in Anne of Green Gables (Charlottetown Festival), The Boys In The Photograph (Mirvish) Camp Rock (Disney), Skeleton Army (Off Broadway) and Claudia in Pilate (Off Broadway).  She is a choreographer, aerialist and improv artist. She founded the Salvation Army’s first dance company and is the acting director of RePlay, A Playback Theater Company.  She has a heart for the development of applied theater in The Salvation Army; utilizing the arts as a means of social change and healing. Kathryn loves to sew, often laughs so hard she cries and enjoys running with her dog.

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Resa Berry
Resa BerryArts Ministries Specialist
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  • 845-620-7311

Resa began working for The Salvation Army in 2010 as the Arts Ministries Assistant for the Times Square Corps in NYC. She studied acting at the Stella Adler Academy, Fine Art at FIT, and graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Psychology from OU. Her most notable role was playing Chen-Wei in the CINE Golden Eagle Award short film Holly’s Kids. She loves adventures with her husband Doug and their 2 daughters, Lucy and Robbie. They love vacationing in Disney, walking around their cute town, and staying in their cozy home to make crafts and play board games. She is also a nationally certified trainer and wellness specialist, and is passionate about introducing new ways of worshipping the Lord through the combination of wellness and spiritual practices.

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Natalia Cruz
Natalia CruzDance Ministries Specialist & Kroc Center Creative Arts Liaison
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  • 845-925-0707

Natalia was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she began her dancing career. She started working for The Salvation Army in 2014 as a volunteer dance instructor for San Juan Central Corps’ Music & Arts Program. From there, Natalia has worked in the PRVI DHQ as a Regional Dance Instructor and, more recently, as the Divisional Creative Arts Coordinator. She has been member of MOVE Dance Company, formerly known as Army On Its Toes Dance Company, since it was established in 2016. Her favorite styles of dance include modern, jazz and hip hop. She has a passion for creative and visually-captivating choreography, and even more when it can be used to deliver the message of salvation. Outside of dancing, she loves all things cozy and warm, relaxing at home with her husband, Victor, and going on walks with their dogs. 

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  • MOVE Dance Company

  • Jesus Theatre

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Our History

The Salvation Army in the USA Eastern Territory has a rich history of engagement in the Arts. Established in 1999 by Carol Jaudes, the Arts Ministries Bureau was tasked with preaching the Good News through creative means. Corps and Divisional drama and dance programs began to sprout and grow throughout Corps and Community Centers in the Eastern Territory. Today, thousands of children and adults participate in recreational, as well as formal training, in artistic disciplines behind-the-scenes and in the spotlight. Visual Arts, Costume Design, Audio Production, and Lighting Design have also found their place under the umbrella of Arts Ministries. The Bureau facilitates multiple year-round and seasonal performance groups, mounts high-caliber, live performances every year, and offers training and curriculum for local arts leaders.