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Theatre Games

Series 1

Theatre Games Series One

Series 2

Theatre Games Series Two

Leadership Development

Theatre Ministry Leadership

Theatre Ministry Leadership
A best practices video series for training theater ministers.

Dance Technique

Dance Technique
A step-by-step class breakdown for novice dance leaders.

The Collective

The Collective
A hub for nation-wide arts-as-ministry resources.

Script Database

National Script Database
A partnership between all USA Territories, this site catalogues hundreds of free, faith-based scripts.

Annual Arts Ministry Resources

Youth Councils

Youth Councils Scripts
Scripts to support the theme of this year’s Youth Councils.

Star Search

Star Search 2023
Star Search Scripts
Star Search 2023 drama scripts and dance music selections.
Adjudication Rubrics
Monologue Adjudication Rubric
Troupe Adjudication Rubric
Make A Scene (Monologue Resource)
Level 1-2
Level 3-4

Jesus Theatre

Jesus Theatre 2023
Come back soon for scripts, music, and training for this year’s original production.