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Upcoming Shows

  • March 24, 2024, Patterson ARC (9am)

  • March 27 2024, Worcester ARC

  • April 5-10, 2024, Puerto Rico Youth Councils

  • May 22, 2024, Newark ARC

  • June 10, 2024, Hands On Orientation

  • July 2024, Hands On Debrief

  • Aug. 23-24, Empire Family Camp

Recent Shows

Jan. 27, 2024, Open Rehearsal (10am THQ)

Jan. 14, 2024, Montclair Citadel Corps

Wed. Nov. 8, 2023, Newark ARC

Fri. Oct. 27, 2023, Worthington Woods, SWO

Sat. Sept. 23, Pendel ARC Retreat

Sat. Sept. 9, 2023, New England ARC Retreat, Wonderland Conference Center, MA

Mon. July 31 1pm, Hands On Debrief, Old Orchard Beach

June 2023, Star Lake Camp Orientation

Fri. June 16 7pm, Hands On Orientation 7pm

Sat. June 3, 2023, GNY Women’s Retreat

May 13 2023, WPA Youth Councils

Sat. March 11, 7pm, Camden Kroc

Wed. March. 1, 7pm, ARC Manhattan

Nov. 5, 2022, Open Rehearsal, Times Square

Oct. 2022, Candidates Seminar, CFOT

Oct. 2022, Kroc Conference, Nyack New York

Sept. 2022, Times Square Corps

July 2022, CAST/Hands On Teams Debrief

June 2022, Camp Tecumseh Staff Orientation

June 2022, CAST/Hands On Orientation

May 2022, NJ Women’s Camp

May 2022, College for Officer Training, New York

March 2022, Worship Arts Convocation

December 2021, Times Square Corps Outdoor Theatre

August 2021, TAM Conservatory


The thing I love about Playback Theater is the way they tread such a delicate line between zany humor and weighty matters of the heart. One minute they were depicting my (slightly abashed) relationship to my Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the next they were exploring the dynamics of grieving family members at Christmas dinner. I smiled, I laughed, I shivered a little bit—it was an outdoor show in mid-December—and, I remembered why I love theater. Bravo!

Nealson Munn

RePlay is an incredibly powerful ministry tool in this territory. It is a double edged art. Within the span of one performance, the audience can laugh and relate to silly, every day experiences but also be presented with the raw truth that we all live in a broken world. I have seen complete strangers cry, hug and pray together after watching each other’s stories play out on the stage through improv. This group of actors have chosen to give their talents back over to God through RePlay and I believe He is using their shows to bring powerful restoration, encouragement and hope to our communities.

Capt. Margaret Quatela

You won’t find a better Playback Theatre group than RePlay!  Their use of humor and their sensitivity to serious material is outstanding.  Through their performance at The Salvation Army Worship Arts Convocation, they created community amongst the people there.  We laughed together and were brought to tears together.  They reminded us that each person’s voice is important and worth our time to listen.

Carol Jaudes

Creative Team

Kathryn Higgins
Kathryn HigginsDirector
Getting her start in the Canadian National Improv Games in the early 2000’s, Kathryn has always loved exploring improvised theater.

Contact [email protected] for bookings.

Jonathon Shaffstall
Jonathon ShaffstallAssistant Director
Jonathon has been acting since he was in high school. He has acted in over 15 productions; musicals, plays, one-acts, a one man show, and several other kinds of theatre including Playback Theatre. Jonathon received training from one of the founders of Playback Theatre, Jo Salas. Jonathon received a degree in Theatre Arts at Dordt College.



Evelyn Stickland | A registered nurse and super-mom with a history in the dance studio.


Zach Smith | Loves movies so much, he hosts a podcast about it!


Kyle Higgins | Records and produces audio books and is the team’s resident Viking.


Hannah Smith | Sings and has a passion for advocating for women.


Chuck Goodin | OG TAM team, writer and friend.


Christopher Monroe | A father of three and a lover of Shakespeare.

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