Christmas-themed scripture-based scripts arranged specifically to be rehearsed and performed over Zoom with your Corps Drama team! Just click one of the buttons below for your free script then get a hold of that drama troupe to rehearse! Perfect for a pre-recorded Sunday Worship service, or simply to record and share on social media. We can’t wait to see your drama troupes back up and running!
[button style=’red’ url=’’]LUKE 1&2[/button] [button style=’red’ url=’…ds/John-1-1-18Script.docx‘]JOHN 1:1-18[/button] [button style=’red’ url=’’]ISAIAH9:1-7[/button]
These arrangements were designed with Zoom in mind, meaning:

  • No overlapping speaking parts or lines spoken in unison.
  • The actors don’t need to be in the same space to rehearse because it’s a readers theater style piece.
  • There are slightly longer lines for each actor so that Zoom doesn’t cut mics or miss the speaker on camera.
  • Actors can follow along with their script on their screen and not have to memorize the piece.
  • Minimal rehearsal needed.
  • No costume/prop needs.
  • The actors don’t have to move.