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Kathryn Higgins

Arts Ministries Director

Contact Kathryn with inquiries about:

  • Skeleton Army

  • CAST

  • Replay

  • TAM Conservatory Finale

  • WAC

  • Bureau Bookings

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Circus Arts Performance

  • Other Special Requests

Resa Berry

Arts Ministries Specialist

Contact Resa with inquiries about:

  • TAM Conservatory

  • Bureau Billing, Invoices & Payment

  • WAC

  • Creative Arts Directors Gathering

  • Youth Councils Resources

  • Bureau Graphics, Artwork & Print Media

  • Bureau/Ministry Merchandise & Apparel

  • Social Media, Photography & Web

  • stART Fund

Erin Morgan

Dance Ministries Specialist/Kroc Center Arts Liaison

Contact Erin with inquiries about:

  • MOVE Dance Company

  • MOVE Dance Company Social Media

  • Kroc Center Arts Programs

  • Divisional/Corps Dance Programs

  • Territorial Dance Curriculum

  • Jesus Theater

  • YogaFaith

Our History

The Salvation Army in the USA Eastern Territory has a rich history of engagement in the Arts. Established in 1999 by Carol Jaudes, the Arts Ministries Bureau was tasked with preaching the Good News through creative means. Corps and Divisional drama and dance programs began to sprout and grow throughout Corps and Community Centers in the Eastern Territory. Today, thousands of children and adults participate in recreational, as well as formal training, in artistic disciplines behind-the-scenes and in the spotlight. Visual Arts, Costume Design, Audio Production, and Lighting Design have also found their place under the umbrella of Arts Ministries. The Bureau facilitates multiple year-round and seasonal performance groups, mounts high-caliber, live performances every year, and offers training and curriculum for local arts leaders.